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Religion in Khaeros

The world of Khaeros… a land full of seething conflict, ancient wonders, and untold mysteries. These lands were once home to an expansive metropolis, inhabited by a powerful people. This city was known as Tserjicanth. Some 1,000 years ago, an now-unknown disaster came to the lands, and the ruins of this city stand as a bleak reminder of this land's torrid past.

From the remnants of the Tserjicanthi's world, six great races rose up. They spread across the world, building cities and monuments. They tamed the wilderness and shaped the lands as they were needed. Each race grew powerful and expansive in its own way. Conflict was always underscoring the prosperity of these times, but never was the fallout too destructive. Cities grew large and the races secure in their stewardship over their lands. Then, like a sudden storm, the Mad Magician came to the lands. Etrius' power radiated out from his fortress in the dead ruins of Tserjicanth. He threatened the very existence of Khaeros itself.

In response to this existential threat, the races began to come together. They took arms together to fight Etrius, and, with the help of the Six True Gods, Etrius was defeated. Though Etrius was gone, his legacy would not soon be forgotten. So many were dead. So much was destroyed. Most notably, in Etrius' last days, he called to Khaeros a meteor. When the calamity struck, many of the once great cities were destroyed. The world was free of a villain, but it was greatly wounded.

In the wake of Etrius, two new powers rose. The first, known as the Society of Rymaliel, told to the world the truth of the Gods. The Six Gods became the focus of religion in Khaeros, and the Society became great and powerful. While the Society gained control of matters religious, the second great power, The Great Northern Empire, rose to control matters political. Started as an alliance between the Vhalurian and Tyrean people, the Empire soon came to bring all of Khaeros under its control. And so the world was rebuilt. The six villages were created. Old ways were purged and a new dawn came to Khaeros… would it be one of peace and prosperity? Or would the new order crumble away, just as the old had?

A note to the reader: This is where the current iteration of Khearos opened to players. What follows below are the events that have unfolded since. The events that you, the players, have created.

The first cracks began to appear in the Empire in the form of the Mhordul. These people, restless and warlike, were never fully conquered and never fully integrated into the Empire. Though they accepted the Society into their village, they were never truly converted to the religion of the Empire. It comes as little surprise, in hindsight, that they would rebel. The Mhordul's rebellion, the death of Emperor Christoff, the rise of Falcourt the Usurper, and a civil war within the Empire… it all bode ill for the peace within Khaeros.

What was bad for the Empire was good for others. The Mhordul were free, once again. Not long after, the Alyrians of Caerdwyr also broke away from the grips of the Society… and soon after the Empire. With their village thoroughly destroyed, these Alyrians moved closer to the Mhordul of Droeddmor. The Sovereign Nations of Khaeros became the major rival to the Northern Empire. Just as the Empire lost power, so did the Society.

Faith remained constant in the Six, but the people began to turn their backs to the Society. Turmoil and changes in leadership caused troubles to brew. The strong arm tactics of one branch of the Society, the Vanguard, dealt a deathblow to the organization. In a few years times, the once powerful organization has been all but forgotten.

A major war between North and South has recently ended. Despite a peace treaty between the two powers, tensions still run high, and as the world edges towards unity, a new evil threatens to tear the frayed world asunder. A force of daemons now charge into Khaeros from across the nether. Will the peace last between North and South? Will the world pull together, as they did to combat Etrius, and stave off destruction? Only the Gods know what fate awaits their people…

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