The Imperial Legion

Dissolved with the founding of the Citadel and the stabilization of the Empire, the Imperial Legion was once again called into service when the bombing of the City Watch during Emperor Falcourt's reign devastated the Watch's ranks and organization. The expulsion of non-Vhalurian elements of the Watch and the resignation of objectors to Falcourt's coronation further broke the Watch, and there was almost nothing left of the law-enforcement body when the Emperor dissolved them and reinstated the Legion for the defense of the Citadel against the hostile League, who had issued a bounty for Falcourt's head.

Under the Regency, the Legion continued to stand as the Citadel's military. It served the dual-function of law enforcement as well as military defensive & offensive operations. General Alexander Silmantion oversaw the merger of the Unified Northern Army and the remnants of the City Watch into the Imperial Legion, transforming them from a blunt tool of Emperor Falcourt to a trusted servant of the people and the scourge of villains both domestic and foreign. Some storied adventures of the Legion under the Regency include like clearing the foul monsters in the labyrinthine Imperial sewers to holding down riots in the Upperwest district.

The Legion hires from a wide breadth of applicants, from the lowest gutterscum to the most refined noble. For many commoners, they are the best hope for a brighter future, as they pay well and offer the stability of government service. The Legion is headquartered in the Noble District, allowing for a quick response to distress in any District outside the Inner Walls.

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